12 Pieces of Advice to Think Bigger

Think Bigger

Last week, we began exploring tips to help you create a magical life outside of work.  The purpose of this series is to create a stress-free, debt-free lifestyle, full of meaning and purpose, family, friends and fun.

During last weeks’ Webinar, we walked through 7 Principles to Create a Magical Life Outside of Work.

This week, I wanted to break down the very first principle, by sharing 12 Pieces of Advice to Think Bigger.

To begin with, learning to think big is a skill.  It is so easy to get trapped by our way of thinking.  If we don’t work to expand our thinking, it becomes very easy to exist within our own mental prison.

There’s nothing magic about living inside a self-created prison.  Let’s go free!  Make sure you never go back.

Piece of Advice #1 – Imagine

Look at the items in your home.  Connect with nature.  Browse the internet.  Imagine the possibilities.

What is possible for you in your life?

Make a list.

Piece of Advice #2 – Focus in a Quiet Place

There is so much noise.  No wonder we cannot hear our intuition anymore.  Get in touch with you.  You made a list of your life’s possibilities.

What do you really want?

You can find these answers.  They are within you. Create specific “thinking” time reserved just for you.  Consider it sacred time and treasure it.

Use this time for brainstorming.

Piece of Advice #3 – Write

To break through, stay focused and visualize what you want – you must write down your dream.

What does it look like for you to be stress-free?  What does it look like when you’re debt-free?

What does your magical life outside of work look like?

Piece of Advice #4 – Identify Why Your Dream is Important

Tying emotions to your dream provide a bigger incentive to reaching your goals.

What will it mean for you to accomplish and experience your dream?

Why is this so important to you?

Piece of Advice #5 – Outline

How do you plan to get there?  Yes, even the best of us need a Road-Map to go from Point A to Point F.

What are points B, C, D, and E?

Piece of Advice #6 – Get Support

We are not here to be alone.  You are not stranded on a deserted island by yourself (although the views would be beautiful).

Ask others for input, ideas, feedback and specific support.

I will caution you to guard your heart.  Guard your dream.  Dreams, particularly in the early stages, are fragile.  It takes very little to knock them over and crumble them to the ground.  One unsupportive comment from a loved one can hold you back and keep you from ever experiencing this dream if you’re not careful.

Your responsibility is to make sure this doesn’t happen.

You have this desire for a reason.  Sometimes others may not understand and that’s okay – it’s simply not for them. This experience is for you.  Period.

If you need a place to find support, join the Super-Fun RockStar Lifestyle Group.  That’s why this community exists. It’s fun and the group is only filled with the most delightful of souls.

Piece of Advice #7 – Stack the Deck in Your Favor

What else can you do to align your own stars?  Ask this question and if you listen… your intuition will share this insight.  Get clear, take the steps.  Hard work isn’t enough.  It’s hard work with some strategy that brings luck to your life and has the potential to add the magic.

Piece of Advice #8 – Date the Event

When would you like to accomplish this dream or have this experience?  Dating the result gives the desire a sense of finality… the whole point of having this dream is to make it happen.

Piece of Advice #9 – Review Your Progress

Document your progress.  Jot down your journey.  Every. Single. Day.

Think of how inspiring it will be to look back and see how far you’ve come.

Few activities provide greater motivation and increase mental resiliency.

Piece of Advice #10 – Reward the Result

We have this terrible habit of diminishing our creations and achievements.

In this case – Don’t!

Any break-through, revelation, new idea or experience to enjoy along the journey – relish in it.  Be grateful and invite more of the same into your life.

Piece of Advice #11 – Celebrate

As you reach Point B, Point C, Point D, Point E – Even before you reach Point F – Celebrate those milestones. Celebrate each step of your progress.  One of the biggest reasons to do this is the simple fact that celebrating is Fun.

The more friends and family you include in your celebration, the more-the merrier it has the potential to be.

Not to mention contagious.

Plus, excitement builds momentum.  Momentum is not a bad thing – it’s a great thing.

Once you reach Point F – it’s time for a great celebration.

You did it!  You thought bigger, you worked it and you accomplished what you set out to accomplish; you experienced what you set out to experience.

Piece of Advice #12 – What’s Next?

It’s only fair, after mastering this advice in thinking bigger to ask, “What’s next?

True mastery is discovered in repeating what we learned again and again.

With that in mind, “What will your new idea be?”





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