3 Realizations About Swimming Against the Current


First and foremost, thank you for your feedback.

Last week, I submitted an email requesting a response as to the content you enjoy reading.
The responses were wonderful, ranging from “how-to’s”, “Social media tips”, “The experience of going into motherhood” to “Shoot from the hip so no one knows what to expect,” and more  This is strongly appealing to my spontaneous nature.

I’ll be implementing a variety of all of those topics.

Today, I wanted to talk about swimming against the current.


1. There are certain areas of life you cannot force.

For example, inspiration or manufacturing creativity.  You cannot make someone love you.  Or in my case – you cannot tell a baby the exact date she is supposed to be born (unless it’s a scheduled C-section – which my case is not).

Sometimes the answer, isn’t to overwork it or overthink it.


2. Sometimes the answer is to, “float.”

Take a breather.  Why not?  It’s beautiful.

Think about where you are in life.  What are you facing in life today?


3. Be present.  

Just be here, today.

When we are fully present, we get to enjoy the magic of the moment.


I am 39 weeks pregnant right now.  This is the only time I’ll be in this moment.  These final, sacred moments are the hush before big changes.  Spending these final few evenings with my husband, calm and peaceful as one unit is a special time.

Spending all my time and energy agonizing about when the baby is coming and what childbirth will be life adds turmoil to the space.  We’ve done all we can to prepare.  We’ve done all we can to get ready.

The work is done.  Now, rather than forcing the experience to arrive before the time is right, it’s time to float.

The sweet, simple and beautiful life we had is going to take on an energy of it’s own.  Our daughter is being born.  This will be one of the most important people my husband and I have ever met.  She will be such an important piece of our life – of our future.

Although excitement is inevitable, taking a moment to honor this sacred time shouldn’t be overlooked.

Is there an area of your life that shouldn’t be overlooked?

What are you birthing in your life?

What can you enjoy before the energy shifts?

Remember that with the birth of something new, there will be mixed feelings – Nothing is all bliss.  Bliss requires work.  There is a new fulfillment of the heart, but also poop and a fatigued, mother’s body that will require nurturing and healing.

Be kind to yourself on your journey.





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