3 Tips to Overcome Codependency


The month of January is Codependecy Awareness Month.

Have you ever known anyone who enabled the addiction, mental health, irresponsibility, behavior or underachievement of another?

While I was in law enforcement, I saw this a lot. Perhaps the most difficult time I witnessed this behavior was in regard to a sex offender caseload. For the life of me, I never understood the mindset of women who did not protect their children from perpetrators.  I remember receiving letters on more than one occasion, wherein they chastised me for splitting family members apart. I remember thinking – ‘Shouldn’t you be thanking me for protecting your child?’

Then it dawned on me and I solved the riddle. These mothers loved their kids, but they had a fear of rejection. What if they could overcome this internal dilemma? I researched ways to help and worked with the families to ensure a better environment for everyone involved.

In honor of Codependecy Awareness Month, I wanted to provide 3 Tips to overcome destructive behaviors in relationships.

1. Education. Read and grow knowledgeable on the subject matter.

2. Learn to say, “No.” Practice utilizing healthy boundaries when asked to do things that are not healthiest for you.

3. Work with a Therapist or Coach.  This could involve working with groups or an individual.  When I work with clients in this area, the most important thing I try to get across is this:  Don’t let your fear of rejection stop you from achieving loving, healthy, wonderful relationships in each area of life.

Take control.





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