3 Ways to Let Go and Grow

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A few weeks back, we began exploring tips to help you create a magical life outside of work.  The purpose of this series is to create a stress-free, debt-free lifestyle, full of meaning and purpose, family, friends and fun.

During the first week, I did a Webinar, called 7 Principles to Create a Magical Life Outside of Work.

Week before last, we broke down the first Principle, sharing 12 Pieces of Advice to Think Bigger.

Last week, we took a closer look at the second Principle which was: Take 3 Small Steps Every Day Toward Creating a Magical Life.

As for today, we are looking at the third Principle, Let Go and Grow.  There are three effective ways to accomplish this.

Way #1 – Live Life with an Open Hand

A family friend who went to my church became a widow after over thirty years of marriage.  I remember thinking (as a youth) that 30 years seemed like an eternity.

This same family friend went on to find true love for a second time in her life two years later.  She enjoyed a second, wonderful marriage in her 70’s for several years.

Before she passed away, I asked her what her secret was to finding great love – yet again.

She said,” I love with an open hand.  It’s how I live my life.  If your hand is open, you can hold more sand. If you have a clenched fist, you will open your hand to find it empty – the sand will have been squeezed out of it.”

If we squeeze the life out of our relationships – we cease to let go and grow.

Way #2 – Don’t Choke the Magic out of Your Own Life

In 2015, I went on a Pilgrimage across Spain.  This was a trek expanding over 400 miles.  It was a journey of the soul and deep self-reflection.  This journey was documented in Riding the Camino Dragon

You are on Pilgrimage right now.  As am I.

The definition of a Pilgrimage is to seek out our best selves.

Pilgrimage – we are on pilgrimage every single day.  This is a journey of purpose.   It is a journey of meaning.

Although I’ve ventured in writing some fiction books, my favorite style of writing is the real stuff.  Nonfiction and memoirs.  Life is so colorful, unique and inspiring – I don’t need to make up characters to find pleasure or fulfillment in my writing.  There is plenty to draw from.  As you well-know, life also comes with it’s own share of heartbreaks.

If I get stuck, it’s not a brick wall.  This is a sign.  I either need to go deeper, invite some spiciness into my life or exercise discipline in my writing practice.

Rather than choke the magic out of your own life, challenge yourself to rise to the occasion of the challenge life presents.

Honor yourself. Honor your interests.

What do you enjoy?  How much time do you spend doing those things?

Way #3 – Don’t Allow Anyone Else to Choke the Magic Out of Your Life

Have Boundaries.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone tries to pull the wings off someone else.

Remember my Mean Girls video?  The entire basis of this video had to do with treating others and yourself with some dignity and respect.

There are 2 ways of having the tallest building.

1 – Build the highest building by working hard. Use some strategy and honor those around you.

2 – Knock down the buildings around you.

Which route do you find more appropriate for you?







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