5 Reasons to Bite Off More Than You Can Chew


I remember when I was *thinking* about creating a life off the beaten path. I procrastinated big time.

Thought about it. Talked myself out of it.

Thought about it. Talked myself out of it.

Have you ever looked at your bucket list and thought, “This is too crazy,” …?

Have you ever freaked out about being too far outside the box?

What is typically holding you back is the same thing I experienced time and time again.  FEAR.


Imagine if I would have given into the fear. I can promise you the following things would not have happened:

1. I would NOT have visited and explored half a dozen countries.

2. I would have been sitting here thinking WHAT IF.

3. I would NOT have brought hundreds of new friends into my world.

4. I would not have built dozens of fantastic relationships with awesome people.

5. I would NOT have ever quit wasting time and had all these awesome experiences.


What is YOUR #1 FEAR holding you back from creating the life you really want?






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