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11 Activities to Create a Safe and Sacred Place

Life Coach

Last month, we began exploring tips to help you create a magical life outside of work.  The purpose of this series is to create a stress-free, debt-free lifestyle, full of meaning and purpose, family, friends and fun.

During the first week, I did a Webinar, called 7 Principles to Create a Magical Life Outside of Work.

For week two, we broke down the First Principle, sharing 12 Pieces of Advice to Think Bigger.

We then took a closer look at the Second Principle: Take 3 Small Steps Every Day Toward Creating a Magical Life.

Followed by the Third Principle, 3 Ways to Let Go and Grow.

Last week, we honored our bodies as a temple with 7 Ways to Honor Your Body.

Today we are looking to our environments.  Setting ourselves up for success begins with our environment.  Here are 11 Activities to enjoy while creating a safe, sacred place.

Activity #1 – Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Take a quick 10 minutes in the evening to finish the few extra dishes and wipe down the counters and the sink.

When you wake up and the fresh, clean kitchen greets you, it is a sacred place to prepare meals of love for yourself and your loved ones.

Activity #2 – Enjoy Animals

This is a fun one.

Kinship and compassion for animals creates such joy and harmony in life.  Their light spirits are predictable and endearing.

You don’t have to have an animal of your own, but if you do – take at least a few minutes each day to be present with them.  Chances are, you’re the highlight of their day as well.

If you do not have an animal, make a point to visit a dog park or a friends home where they have pets.

Animals have the power to enchant an atmosphere.

Activity #3 – Drink Wine

When I wasn’t pregnant, one of my favorite things was to enjoy a nice glass of wine while I prepared dinner for my husband.

Although I’ve been ‘dry’ for the past nine months, I still remember the way the simple glass would enhance my day.  By implementing this simple ritual, there was such joy and peace associated with it.  My cooking improved dramatically as well as I took extra time in preparation.

Activity #4 – Fresh Flowers

Walking into the house and seeing fresh flowers never fails to bring a smile to my face.  It makes any environment fresh with life.  Choose a color and flower variety that resonates with you and place them in a location you can see them often.

For a while, I had a number of small vases and placed a handful of flowers in each throughout our home.  It was delightful and so pleasant.  It made every surface in the house have a touch of magic.

Activity #5 – Make Art

“The aim of Art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” – Aristotle.

Art includes drawings, painting and sculptures, but also written works, such as poems and books.  Even cooking a meal is a form of art.

There are a handful of mental health benefits that go hand-in-hand with making art.  These include stress relief, mental stimulation and it encourages creative thinking.

Activity #6 – Always Have Music Playing

Music has a magical quality in it’s ability to plug emotion into an environment.  It also has the ability to stimulate and relax.

Here are some ways I utilize music in my day: While writing blogs, I always listen to stimulating music filled with acoustics and thought-provoking lyrics.  When writing books, I lean toward a mild trance which provides background noise but doesn’t require much thought.  While cleaning my home, I pop on high-energy music that makes me feel like dancing.  When my husband gets home, I have some mild celtic music or relaxing classical.  I listen to the same type of music while resting in a nice bath.

Which leads us to Activity #7.

Activity #7 – Take a Lavender Bath 

When I feel exhausted, tired and defeated, there is nothing like the comfort of a hot bath to ease my senses and put the world back in perspective for me.  A Lavender-Scented Bath Sea Salt not only promotes purifying aromatherapy but also muscle relaxation.

Treat yourself to a heaven sent experience… and sleep easy with a smile that will stay with you all night long.

Activity #8 – Burn Incense

Some people aren’t a huge fan of incense, but aroma therapy works wonders for others.  There is a spiritual aspect to burning incense that is very profound.

Take five minutes to light incense and honor yourself.

Activity #9 – Light Candles

Soft light creates a sacred ambiance in any area.  One of the best ways to utilize this subtle power is to light candles.  Scented candles work wonders as well.  There have been times when I have used candles alone to bring an experience to fruition.

For example, I wanted to travel to Tahiti.  I purchased a Tahitian Dream candle at Body and Bath works and took a few moments to light the candle and imagine what it would be like to visit Tahiti.

Within a few weeks, my fiance (at the time) and I planned a trip to Tahiti.  It was one of the best trips either of us (both of whom have traveled extensively) have ever taken.

Activity #10 – Keep Your Curtains Open

Natural light rejuvenates.  When I first wake up, I enjoy a cup of tea and watch the sunrise.  When I begin working in my office, I open my curtains to the backyard and allow the natural light to inspire my work for the day.

Activity #11 – Have a full Bookshelf

What are your favorite books?  Do you have a bookshelf?  I have a stack of books on my side table next to my bed.  Many books I only read once and I pass on to someone else.  The books I have loved and read over and over again (once a year or so), I have in the stack.

One day I hope my library of books I read again and again grows to 150.  As an avid reader, I’m always reading something – but very few are those I read again and again.

Please enjoy implementing these 11 activities to create a safe and sacred place.  Join me next week with the final post of Creating a Magical Life series.  The topic will be: 9 Activities to Saturate Your Life in Positive Energy.

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7 Ways to Honor Your Body


Last month, we began exploring tips to help you create a magical life outside of work.  The purpose of this series is to create a stress-free, debt-free lifestyle, full of meaning and purpose, family, friends and fun.

During the first week, I did a Webinar, called 7 Principles to Create a Magical Life Outside of Work.

For week two, we broke down the First Principle, sharing 12 Pieces of Advice to Think Bigger.

We then took a closer look at the Second Principle: Take 3 Small Steps Every Day Toward Creating a Magical Life.

Followed by the Third Principle, 3 Ways to Let Go and Grow.

Today we honor the temple that gets us where we need to be.  Yes, your body is a temple.  You exist on a physical plane.  It doesn’t matter how well things are going – if you feel like crap, things could be better.

Let’s look at 7 Ways to Honor Your Body.

#1 – Decorate it

When I feel down in the super dump, the quickest way I can turn it around is to throw on a nice dress and some lip gloss.  Do the same and you will find others will smile and compliment you.

Even if you don’t feel like it, looking as though you feel good will make a difference.  Nothing wrong (in this case) of faking it ’til you make it.

#2 – Enjoy Real Food

It’s easy to eat food that was processed in a plant rather than came from a plant.  However, your body isn’t designed for that.  Eat lost of raw fruit and vegetables and try to incorporate many different colors.

Besides, learning to cook a few things is a very attractive characteristic in a person.

#3 – Drink Water

Where I live, the temperature has been hot, surpassing 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

I typically drink half my body weight in water – that’s my daily goal.  However, on three occasions I went into pre-term labor with my pregnancy (this is not good, although now that I’m in my ninth month, we can roll with it).

The recommendation from my care provider was to increase my water intake to sixteen (16!) glasses of water per day.  Now that’s tough but reinforces the importance and value of drinking water.

It flushes your system, helps digestion, hydrates babies when your pregnant and contains zero calories.

Water is amazing when you think about it.

#4 – Be Clean

Hygiene is one of those basic skills that demonstrates you care about yourself.

On a basic level, it’s so important to love yourself.  Part of loving yourself is to ensure your basic needs are taken care of.  Food, water, shelter and hygiene.

Negligence in this area repels both companionship and opportunities for advancement.

Take extra care to ensure your hair isn’t flaky, your teeth are brushed and your sweat glands are under control.

#5 – Smell Nice

Although along the same lines as #4, it takes things a step further.  Sometimes it’s something as simple as your shampoo that will make you smell good.  Other times, you might delight in a little perfume.

Either way, it’s important to smell nice.  Don’t drown yourself in cologne, but a small scent can enhance the way others feel about you and interact with you in a positive way.

#6 – Wear Soul-Enhancing Clothes

There are millions of styles and types of clothes.  Which do you find most comfortable?  Which make you feel your best?

As a minimalist, I try to keep my wardrobe very limited.  Although I don’t multiple closets of clothes, I have plenty to wear.  It all fits well and brings me joy.  This connects me with my soul.

Best of all – I’m comfortable in my own skin.

What is your style?  What clothes do you find most comfortable?  What clothes make you feel your best?

#7 – Stay in Shape

In order for your body to work for the duration of your life you have to move.

You don’t need to run triathlon’s (although that’s pretty inspirational if you do)

Finding a few activities you enjoy works wonders.  Whether it’s a combination of, hiking and yoga or dancing and swimming or snow-shoeing – you honor your body and yourself by getting up off the couch and moving.

To get the most out of life – honor your body.


Which of these 7 ideas will you implement first?






The 8 Step Morning Ritual That Increases Productivity 3x

Productivity Coach

Do you frequently find yourself short on time?  Do you wonder how you can be more productive?

Most days, it feels as though there is so much to do… and not nearly enough time to do it all.

The good news?

This factor can change entirely…today.

Here is the 8-Step Ritual that allows me to be 3x more productive.


The 8 Step Morning Ritual

Step #1 – Exercise

Begin your day with 30 quick minutes of exercise.  If you’re tired, you won’t hardly notice.  Sure, you might get a better workout later in the day but it doesn’t matter.  The chances of actually getting to that work out later in the day…unless it’s a habit you’ve already formed… (let’s be honest)… has a good chance of not happening.

Your health is very important.  Arguably, the most important asset you have.

You’ll feel great and be proud of your early-morning endeavor.

Step #2 – Drink Water

Take your body weight and divide that number by 2.  If you weigh 160 pounds, for example.  The number is 80.

Try to drink 80 ounces of water per day.  1 glass of water per hour during your typical work day will get you there.

This will keep you properly hydrated.  Dehydration is like your car running low on oil.  It keeps you focused, at your best and keep all the parts moving smoothly.

Step #3 – Write Down 10 Things You Are Grateful For

Why 10?  It gets your gears moving on prioritizing your joy in life.  You automatically begin looking at the positives.  It’s a stress-reliever and motivational.  Plus, it only takes a minute or two.

Step #4 – Meditate

Spend 5 minutes in silence.  Allow the endorphins from your work out, the water to hydrate and the attitude of gratitude to settle in.  Realizations might surface and you’ll gain insights you wouldn’t normally have.

Step #5 – Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Nutritious options are the best.  Try various combinations of whole grain toast, fresh fruit, an egg, almond butter, yogurt, oatmeal

Step #6 – Read 20 Pages

This, quick ritual – which takes no more than 30 minutes or so – leads to reading 30+ books per year.  The personal growth I have achieved while reading 200+ books has been priceless.  It has made me a better wife, a better coach and a better woman. Here are a  few book recommendations for you. 

Step #7 – Write Your To-Do List

List it all and highlight your top 3 priorities of the day. Then go after it.  By this time, you’ve now invested in your body, your mind and your soul.  It frees up the time you’d normally spend lamenting about how to fit in all those other perks.

For a bonus star, write your to-do list the night before as part of your nightly ritual.

Step #8 – Tell Someone You Love Them or Show Someone You Care About Them

Love is the most important because it is the reason we are here.  Reach out and connect.  They will be happy you did and your relationships will flourish.


In Conclusion… 

We want to show up as a complete person, covering all important areas of life but to be stranded on an isolated island somewhere does our soul and our world no good.

Be part of the world.

Bring your best and bring you unique and incredible light into the world.






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