The Fear of Success, the Fear of Failure, the Fear of Death and Being Authenticity (5 Videos)

When I left for Europe, I promised to have something very special when I returned.

My gift was doing Life Coaching videos for 30 days.

I took questions and answered them. Here are a few from that series:


“Fear of Success.”

Have you ever seen someone with great ability who did not reach their full potential because they were too afraid?


“What is the difference between the fear of success and the fear of failure…and what can we do about it?”

In today’s video: Fear, success, failure and the wisdom and experiences of Eleanor Roosevelt.

Question for you: What is something you were afraid of and have overcome?


“Fear of Authenticity.”

Are you afraid of being your authentic self?


“How do you know if you are being authentic?”

In today’s video: We discover fruits of the spirit to help point whether you are on track.

Question for you: What fruit of the spirit have you enjoyed?


“What can we do about the fearing the death of our loved ones?”

In today’s video: Family and our relationships are the most important aspect of life. It’s the people in our lives who are the true treasure. How can we cope with the deepest loss? How can we find peace?

Question for you: Have you shown and told your family how much you care for them?





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