5 Principles to Create Incredible Relationships

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Take a moment to think about your relationships.

On a scale of 1 to 10, (1 = never been more unhappy and 10 = never been more happy) how happy are you with your relationships?

If the relationships you have with your family, friends and beyond are not about a 13 out of 10, this post is for you.

In a world where disrespect, hilarity, sarcasm and disloyalty is celebrated – how are awesome relationships possible?

Living life by these 5 Principles achieves incredible relationships:


Principle 1 – Be Your own Person

No one else is responsible for your happiness.  I am.  It is your responsibility to love you and show others how it’s done.  You give people permission to treat you in a certain way, be it good or bad.

Ultimately, it’s also your job to protect yourself.  If it’s a bad environment, leave it.


Principle 2 – Live With an Open Hand

Allow the other people in your life to be his or her own person.  You are not here to control them.  A relationship isn’t slavery, it’s inter-connectedness.

Yes, please have boundaries and do a good job of communicating those because others need to know.  If you are stuck on how to communicate, refer to some of these tips on Leadership.


Principle 3 – Be Friends First

Sure, it’s important to know the time and place to play, laugh, when to be silly, when to be serious, when to be supportive of others, and when to give a hug or get down to chores and tasks.

If you have the opportunity to make another person look good, go ahead and let them have that moment.  It’s not a negative reflection of you.  In fact, it makes you seem more of a leader to celebrate the wins of others.


Principle 4 – Be Wary of Deal Breakers

There are 5 deal-breakers in any relationship that will instantly vaporize it in seconds.  Take extra caution not to get caught up in the following:

1. Name-Calling

2. Yelling or Screaming

3. Cheating (The relationship will lose it’s purity)

4. Disrespect (In public, this leads to humiliation and resentment, in private leads to bitterness and isolation)

5. Lying (Remember The Four Agreements? Be impeccable with your word)


Principle 5- Mantra

Repeat after me…

“I am here to be honored.  I am here to be loved.  I am here to be cherished and appreciated.”

You are also here to provide that to others.

Therefore, I know…

You are here to be honored.  You are here to be loved.  You are here to be cherished and appreciated.


In Conclusion…

By implementing these Principles into your life, you too can enjoy better relationships than you’ve ever experienced before.





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