Why I Was Knighted Rock Star Jessi

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Rock Star Jessi is a term that found me.

I ‘Rock’ every area of life I choose to conquer.  My initial passion was for law enforcement.  During my 10 years of service I was promoted 9 times and served in every caseload and in every capacity.  There was nowhere for me to go and if you’re not growing you’re dying.  As  a result, I applied for Chief positions.

My Chief Interview process was intense.  I was a finalist more than once, yet I kept hearing the same feedback, “It doesn’t matter if you have the experience, you aren’t old enough.  Go get more management experience.”  I turned in my badge and accepted a position working for one of America’s top companies as an Executive-Level Manager.

While serving in that management capacity, I took my team from bottom to the within the top 3 across the nation in less than a year.  As in my law enforcement career, people continued calling me “RockStar Jessi.”  As I began a new career, living an inspired life and writing books – the name had been set in stone.

Work wasn’t my only area of, “Rocking it.”

On purpose, I lived like a bohemian for 2 years because I wanted to invest in my spirit.  I moved into a studio on the river, with nothing but a bed, an easel, a place to write, books to read, and a yoga mat.  That’s it.

I stopped watching television, reading the newspaper and listening to the news.  If news was important, I decided it would need to find me.

My time on the river in that studio, I invested in the most important resource and asset… me.

I got comfortable living in my own skin, being alone, listening to my thoughts and digging deep to heal my heart and built something stronger.

It’s my strong belief that the only guru anyone needs, lives within them.  If we follow our intuition, we find our true path.  We are guided by our highest selves or our higher power, miracles in life and experiences meant for us, emerge like bridges over misty rivers.

It takes tremendous bravery to discover your path and walk it.  I helped people on my caseload achieve drug-free lives, law-abiding citizens and family-oriented, happy, creative, healthy people.  My team at the large company received accolades they’d originally deemed impossible.

The bottom line – I have systems to create an incredible life.  And they work.  I wanted to offer my services to people outside my caseload and team-mates.

In 2008, I completed the Certified Life Coach course offered through Coaches Institute International.

RockStarJessi.com launched in 2012, designed and created to help support you in honoring your path. This is the place I partner with you and help you conquer your goals – starting today! Today I’m not just a RockStar for me. More importantly, I am a RockStar for you.

Today, I’m not the only RockStar.  It’s your turn to be one too.





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