What is the Difference Between “Loving” and “Liking” Yourself? Don’t Be a Mean Girl and Inappropriate Texting (3 Videos

When I left for Europe, I promised to have something very special when I returned.

My gift was doing Life Coaching videos for 30 days.

I took questions and answered them. Here are a few from that series:


What is the Difference Between “Loving” and “Liking” Yourself?

There are so many different ideas out there about loving and liking yourself.

Jessi provides a little clarity, here.

Question for you: What will you do today to love and/or like yourself?


Ranting About Dating and Mean Girls

It’s not so much a question; More of one of my all-time Biggest pet peeves.

Explore the importance of showing up as your best self and not being a caddy-jerkface.


What constitutes Inappropriate Texting?

I’ve included an handful of social media tips as well.

Question for you: What’s the craziest text you’ve ever received?





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