Become a Life Coach and Launch a Successful Business (3 Videos)

When I left for Europe, I promised to have something very special when I returned.

My gift was doing Life Coaching videos for 30 days.

I took questions and answered them. Here are a few from that series:


What is a Life Coach?


How Do You Get Started as a Life Coach?

If you have ever wanted to become a Business, Life, Love of Health Coach – This video is for you.


4 Steps to Launch a Successful Life Coaching Business

I share my 4 Step process on launching a Successful Life Coaching Business, in depth.

What are they?

In Summary:

Step 1: Learn How to Be a Life Coach
Step 2: Launch Your Life Coaching Business
Step 3: 1-on-1 Coaching (The Goal here is to hit $3,000-$7,000 per month in client sales)
Step 4: Group Coaching (The Goal here is to reach a minimum of $10,000 per month and upwards of even $100,000 per month)






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