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How long have you been doing what you do, and how did you become a goal-getting expert?

To answer this question, it’s probably best that I share with you quick video:

The long answer, is that I’ve spend a lot of time struggling and even more time succeeding.  I became a Certified Life Coach in 2008, although I first officially began helping people reach their goals in 1997.

I’ve struggled with depression, sexual assault, went through a nasty divorce, struggled financially and in relationships.  I’ve been taken advantage of.

My struggles made me strong and resilient.  I was challenged to the core and felt broken beyond belief. I decided I wasn’t going to let my experiences define my life – I was going to define those experiences and what they meant in my life.

From there, I learned how to work smart – not just hard.

Today I am simple, thriving and happy.  I am successful, debt-free, married to my favorite person.  Today I spend my time accomplishing big goals..

Scoring home runs is the greatest natural high in life.

If you’re ready to knock it out of the park, Contact Me Here.

Who Are Your Clients?

I work with people just like you who are smart, kind and thoughtful professionals, coaches and women entrepreneurs who are really good at what they do.  Your heart is in the right place and you need some strategy to get you going.  However, they have never been taught exactly how to attract clients and customers, have successful sales conversations or make significant choices to reach their goals.

  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Authors
  • Anger Management Therapists
  • Health & Wellness Consultants
  • Speakers
  • Massage Therapists
  • Caregivers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Sales Professionals
  • Teachers
  • Photographers
  • Artists
  • Creative Entrepreneurs

What Makes You Different From Other Life Coaches?

I’m not fragile and I see what is possible for you.  You’ll be sure to hear direct feedback, delivered in a loving and supportive way.  I’m not afraid to have tough conversations and I won’t waste your time.  You’ll get the truth about what is really standing in your way or keeping you from success, along with strategies on how to overcome them.

The most important thing is that you reach your goals as fast and safe as possible.  You might want to lose weight but if you’re going to cut your leg off to hit your number, it isn’t the best option.  It’s my job to keep you moving toward your goal in a way that your foundation won’t crumble beneath you.

What type of personality do you work best with and what is expected of me?

The 90 Day Smart Goals Program was created for people who are absolutely excited and dead serious about breaking out of their rut, breaking through resistance.  It’s time to gain confidence, imagine the possibilities, figure out what you want and why – then go for it in a smart and strategic way.

It’s my personal philosophy to work harder on myself than anything else.  Being a high achieving, go-getter myself, I’m known to work best with people who are committed to their success no matter what.  They are done making excuses and are ready to dive in, roll up their sleeves and get to work.

If you aren’t growing, you’re dying.  It’s time to come alive.  We are only given so much time- my clients are those who are tired of wasting it.

For what type of professional are your programs NOT going to work?

I’m selective in who I work with.  Those who are whiners, lazy, argue about everything just for the sake of arguing and those who make excuses for not getting their assignments done don’t typically achieve the results they signed up for. If you are one of these people, I gently and respectfully ask that you not call and I hope you understand why. We’ll probably just not work well together and I wouldn’t want you to waste your time or money.


The Bottom Line…

You are the RockStar of your own life.  Live with a full heart with a life you love.  If you want to create a stress-free, debt-free lifestyle while enjoying friends, family and fun, achieving goals then the 90 Day Smart Goals Program is for you.  Get Started Here.


What are the Benefits of the 90-Day Smart Goals Program?

  • Transform the Meaning of Love in Your Life
  • Learn to Trust Yourself
  • Discover Treasure Within You
  • Let Go of the Past
  • Embrace a Beautiful Future





img_5427“I had the pleasure of having Jessi work with me this summer as I was preparing to become a life coach.  Her caring presence and great listening skills have made it possible for me to truly open up and share my feelings and concerns with her as I began this new venture.  Jessi generously shared with me extremely valuable tips on how to successfully build my own life coaching business.  My sessions with Jessi made me feel well-prepared to fulfill the needs of my clients and confident in my own personal skills as a coach.  I highly recommend Jessi if you are ready to make significant changes in your life.  My greatest hope is that I will someday become as great a life coach as Jessi has become.” – Debbie – Life Coach


mira“I was really stuck in my life situation or so I thought.  I had a Power Session with Jessi and she really changed my perspective on what I needed to do to get me back on track.  Jessi is amazing and fun, she’s empathetic, very intelligent and will give you the best advice that you need to hear.  I highly recommend her to help you with any situation you may have.  She truly has a gift and is living her true calling on this planet.” – Stephanie – Crossfit Master and Veteran Advocate


“I am one of Jessi’s success stories. Jessi’s enthusiastic positive attitude makes for a perfectly inspirational life coach. She listens to every detail you tell with an open and empathetic heart. She gently but firmly advises you allowing you to take your mind (and later life) to new and exciting places. I often have a hard time re-framing my perspective to a positive and hopeful mindset alone, but with Jessi’s help, it feels effortless in comparison. No matter how bad I feel inside Jessi seems to know the right things to say to get me back on my feet and playing the game of life!” – Andrew – Professional


fullsizerender-17Jessi has taught me plenty in the few years that I have known her. I am so happy that our paths crossed. She inspired me to become a writer that shares her work. Without your push I would not be writing my novel, ‘The Healing Jars.’ ” – Charlynn – Author and Speaker





Life Coach

“The best moments in life are shared with those we love. I had the privilege to experience a Power Session with one of the most inspiring lady’s I know.  Thank you, Jessi, for the outstanding information and wonderful start to my day.  I’m so glad I go got to see you.  You really make a difference in my life.” – Chad – Aspiring Retail Manager 





“Intuitive, life changing, confidence giving and sleep producing. Jessi’s life coaching gives that and more. Whether you’re worried and up at night, questioning your life and where it’s going, or simply struggling with issues that life brings you, I’ve found Jessi’s life coaching to be helpful on all levels. Jessi has productive tools that anyone can apply and the results and peace of mind are amazing. I highly recommend her services.” – Jude, Professional Photographer


“It’s really incredible what Jessi does for people.  It’s incredible what she has done for me.  When I first began coaching, I was diagnosed bi-polar and had no insurance, so I couldn’t afford medication.  Through the many processes, she taught me to gain control of my life.  I was struggling in business and now have a good sense of balance, strong friendships and I take care of myself.  Thank you for taking me on as a client, I never could have come this far without you.” – Michael – Artist and Business Owner


“Life coaching has helped me turn my life around and allowed me to achieve more of my goals a lot faster. When I first started being coached, I was skeptical that this would work. But as I gave it more time, I started to realize the tremendous amount of help it was to be able to talk to someone in a no pressure, no “shrink” scenario. There is something about going to a psychologist that makes one think as if they are crazy already, however, that is not the case at all with life coaching. In my case, Jessi helped me out tremendously by being able to personalize the sessions to suit my needs, by being flexible in regards to my schedule, and by allowing me to discuss my problems and come up with possible solutions together. I would recommend life coaching to everyone, in whatever capacity, for as long as one needs it.” – Peter, IT Professional


“Jessi helped me break the cycle of my past.  She is someone I feel I can always open up to.  I suffered with an issue for five years and got through it.  Jessi is amazing.  She taught me to learn from it and grow. I don’t fear the future anymore because my past doesn’t predict my future. Career-wise, working with Jessi was the best option.  Today, I have three beautiful children, an amazing man who is my best friend and have an incredible career that I love.  That was not easy but Jessi literally saved me. “ – S.D., Medical Professional


“The biggest outcome I have ever achieved was to learn that anyone can show love.  She inspired me to graduate and to get a job by making my resume better.  She means so much to so many people.  If you give her a chance to work with you, she will mean that much to you, too.” -C. F., Student


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