The 8 Step Morning Ritual That Increases Productivity 3x

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Do you frequently find yourself short on time?  Do you wonder how you can be more productive?

Most days, it feels as though there is so much to do… and not nearly enough time to do it all.

The good news?

This factor can change entirely…today.

Here is the 8-Step Ritual that allows me to be 3x more productive.


The 8 Step Morning Ritual

Step #1 – Exercise

Begin your day with 30 quick minutes of exercise.  If you’re tired, you won’t hardly notice.  Sure, you might get a better workout later in the day but it doesn’t matter.  The chances of actually getting to that work out later in the day…unless it’s a habit you’ve already formed… (let’s be honest)… has a good chance of not happening.

Your health is very important.  Arguably, the most important asset you have.

You’ll feel great and be proud of your early-morning endeavor.

Step #2 – Drink Water

Take your body weight and divide that number by 2.  If you weigh 160 pounds, for example.  The number is 80.

Try to drink 80 ounces of water per day.  1 glass of water per hour during your typical work day will get you there.

This will keep you properly hydrated.  Dehydration is like your car running low on oil.  It keeps you focused, at your best and keep all the parts moving smoothly.

Step #3 – Write Down 10 Things You Are Grateful For

Why 10?  It gets your gears moving on prioritizing your joy in life.  You automatically begin looking at the positives.  It’s a stress-reliever and motivational.  Plus, it only takes a minute or two.

Step #4 – Meditate

Spend 5 minutes in silence.  Allow the endorphins from your work out, the water to hydrate and the attitude of gratitude to settle in.  Realizations might surface and you’ll gain insights you wouldn’t normally have.

Step #5 – Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Nutritious options are the best.  Try various combinations of whole grain toast, fresh fruit, an egg, almond butter, yogurt, oatmeal

Step #6 – Read 20 Pages

This, quick ritual – which takes no more than 30 minutes or so – leads to reading 30+ books per year.  The personal growth I have achieved while reading 200+ books has been priceless.  It has made me a better wife, a better coach and a better woman. Here are a  few book recommendations for you. 

Step #7 – Write Your To-Do List

List it all and highlight your top 3 priorities of the day. Then go after it.  By this time, you’ve now invested in your body, your mind and your soul.  It frees up the time you’d normally spend lamenting about how to fit in all those other perks.

For a bonus star, write your to-do list the night before as part of your nightly ritual.

Step #8 – Tell Someone You Love Them or Show Someone You Care About Them

Love is the most important because it is the reason we are here.  Reach out and connect.  They will be happy you did and your relationships will flourish.


In Conclusion… 

We want to show up as a complete person, covering all important areas of life but to be stranded on an isolated island somewhere does our soul and our world no good.

Be part of the world.

Bring your best and bring you unique and incredible light into the world.






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