12 Nonfiction Books I Loved

There are so many winning books out there.  As an avid reader, I enjoy learning the jewels inside of them.  Below, I’ve compiled a list of those that were definitely worth reading.

#1 – The New One Minute Manager


The New One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson (two of my favorite authors) created a great product here. Excellent read. Numerous, wonderful management tips.

Five points I really enjoyed are as follows:

1 – We need everyone to contribute their talent.

2 – People who feel good about themselves produce good results.

3 – Set only goals in key areas of responsibility; limit between 3 and 5 goals.

4 – It’s okay to be tough, but be nice too.

5 – It’s easier to do well when you are given crystal-clear feedback.

The New One Minute Manager had a great deal of additional points I enjoyed learning. I’ll definitely apply this efficient wisdom to my own life and I highly recommend it.


#2 – Crush It

Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk is a book all about Killing It – and by that I mean stomping your goals in the most passionate way possible.  Below, I’ve listed tips from his book that I found most helpful.  In my opinion, this is a must-have for all bookshelves – it’ sbasically 23 tips to Monkey-Stomp your goals.

  • Key to Happiness = Love your Family. Work hard. Live your passion.
  • Social media is business. Period.
  • Story-telling is the most under-rated skill in business.
  • Cream always rises to the top.
  • Be yourself. Voice it loud and clear.
  • Opportunity lies in transparency. Tell the truth.
  • Word of mouth marketing is the most efficient.
  • Know your stuff.
  • Allow your audience and customers to come to you.
  • Know how your different.
  • All effort comes from the heart.
  • Work harder and longer than anyone else.
  • It’s not a numbers game, it’s audience engagement.
  • Care.
  • Make the world listen.
  • Pump out content.
  • Launch new stuff and as you do, contact the big fish to get the word out.
  • Anything is better than zero.
  • Legacy is greater than currency.
  • Make connections.
  • Create meaningful interactions with people.
  • The time is now. Love your family. Work hard. Live your passion.
  • Message is forever.

Now it’s your turn – go for it!


#3 – Wild

Wild,  the memoir by Cheryl Strayed was recommended to me after I finished walking the Camino de Santiago. I believe the purpose was to see if I could be inspired to take on another crazy feat…completing the Pacific Crest Trail.

Holy Smokes. So impressed with Cheryl. The bravery required to write this transparent depiction of personal struggle is astounding.  I loved this entire work of art from start to finish. Good luck keeping me off the Pacific Crest Trail after enjoying her adventure, even if my personal journey doesn’t include the use of heroin.

#4 – The Icarius Deception

Have you read Seth Godin’s The Icarius Deception?

It is a book inspiring you to create the art needed in society.

Here are a handful of my favorite lines here, that they might inspire and ignite you the way they did me.

  • The first question is- How high will you fly?
  • We are all artists now.
  • You are not your career.
  • Art = The human act of creating something new that matters to another person.
  • The challenge of our time is to find a journey worthy of your heart and your soul.
  • Provide what is unexpected, scarce and valuable.
  • Revolutions bring total chaos. Thanks what makes them revolutionary.
  • The Internet is a connection machine.
  • If you make exceptional products and services, you won’t need to spend money on advertising.
  • Make it New. Real. Important.
  • Do art for the experience of being alive.
  • Sometimes, courage is the willingness to speak truth about what you see and own what you say.
  • In order to have courage, there must be risk.
  • Don’t tell us about your notebook full of ideas, tell us about connections you have enabled and the impact how have made instead.
  • The challenge of our time is not to ensure the seat warmer in our $60,000 sedan is working properly, it is to take advantage of this brief moment in time when connection is easier to find and easier than it will ever be.
  • Don’t worry about your stuff. Worry about making meaning instead.
  • Just because you’re winning a game doesn’t mean it’s a good game.
  • Assets that matter: Trust. Permission. Remark ability. Stories that spread. Humanity. Connection. Compassion. Humility.
  • Hope makes the world better.
  • Being remarkable almost always is new, untested, fresh and risky.
  • Pick yourself.
  • Unceasingly give credit.
  • Grab a microphone and speak up.
  • Connection begins with dignity.
  • Grit reclaims our power.
  • We don’t need more stuff. We need more humanity.
  • Love for what’s broken.
  • Stop pretending you’re not special.
  • First – Learn to see. Second – Learn to make. Third – Learn to embrace the blank slate.
  • Write like you talk. Often.
  • Hire yourself.
  • 6 Daily Habits of Artists – 1 – Sit alone. Sit quietly. 2- Learn something new without any apparent, practical benefit. 3- Ask for bold feedback. Ignore the crowd. 4- Encourage other artists. 5- Teach, intending to make change. 6- Ship something you created.
  • Habits of Successful Artists: 1- Sell what you made. 2- Say “Thank you” in writing. 3- Speak in public. 4- Fail often. 5- See the world as it is. 6- Write daily. 7- Teach others. 8- Connect others. 9- Lead others.

The truth is I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for encouragement, focus and fire.


#5 – You Are a Badass


You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero was a nonfiction, self-help.

It’s off the charts. It is so funny, I caught myself laughing out loud time, time and time again. Jen is not only witty and brilliant but also modest and humble, willing to laugh at herself and share her vulnerable spots. As it is an attempt to make this world more wonderful and help people on their journey’s to take their life and make it into something extraordinary.

It will give you a kick in the behind if that’s what you need and give you some hands-on skills to get your life moving to a place you can be more excited about.

#6 – Remote

Remote: Office Not Required  is a business book by David Heinemeier Hansson, Jason Fried, creators of the original 37Singals.

I am a HUGE fan of 37Signals, now known as Basecamp. In fact, I use Basecamp as my project management software.  I’ve read all of their books and have loved them all. This one, the juice wasn’t quite worth the squeeze. Usually there is a motivational component and this one seemed more like a Q&A recap. The personality that I usually find in their books wasn’t quite there. Almost as though they lost their voice.

Overall, I’m still a great fan of their company and some of the insight. It just wasn’t quite as informative and helpful as their previous works have been.

#7 – Bossypants


Bossypants  is a comedy book by the hilarious and talented, Tina Fey.

Funny, Funny, Tina.

Hilarious book. Some brilliant statements made and wisdom as well.

Few small bits of over-the-top story-telling, but that’s to be expected from comedy writers.

Overall, I really enjoyed it.


#8 – Linchpin



Linchpin  is a prompt to pursue personal success by Seth Godin.

Within each of us, therein lies the art of what hides dormant in our hearts. Although society…schools…college, job training, tries to program us to be the same. In that respect, we are the cogs of a wheel and easy to be replaced.  By pursuing the art within, in whichever area you choose – you can then rise above it to become irreplaceable.  I consider this another great. Unlock the art within and find the heart to proceed with this book.


#9 – Put Your Dream to the Test



Put Your Dream to the Test  is a series of ten questions that prompt you to gage how accurate your goals are by John Maxwell.

I enjoyed putting my dream to the test. With John Maxwell’s help and thought-provoking questions, I identified two dreams that are very important to me. Even better,  I am getting closer to reaching them each and every day and feel you will experience the same.


#10 – Big Magic


Big Magic, is an inspiring connection between people and the intimacy of inspiration by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Although not my favorite Liz Gilbert masterpiece, it encourages the artist within all of us to go to work without expectation.

I enjoyed it and foresee myself reading this book again and again.


#11 – 40 Dates & 40 Nights


40 Dates in 40 Nights, is hilarious chick lit by Amy Main.

Hilarious and fun. A great collection of fun dating stories.  There are great people out there, and this is proof. Thanks, Amy, for a great story


#12 – Year of Yes


A Year of Yes, is a motivational book by feel-good guru Shonda Rhimes.

There were a number of points I loved in this book. A single difficult conversation can improve your life.  Your personal journey is about finding and loving yourself. Take compliments.  Write when the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Write your own ending to your fairy tale…and so much more.

What would be on your list?





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