4 Ways to Show Love

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The importance of showing love in your life is paramount.  It is the way we are connect with others and build relationships – both new and existing.

#1 – Listen With Your Heart

Most people in society listen to people with their ears and minds.  Although this works for accomplishing some goals, when you listen with your heart, growth and depth becomes exponential. You become in greater line with your higher power, your angels and your purpose.

 How is this accomplished?

Be more in your body than in your head. We learn best from one another by getting outside of ourselves and focusing on one another. Listen slow, try not to rush. Allow the symbols and signs surrounding you to be noticed. Interpret their meaning and feel in your heart what the message is for you. Listen and learn how your new knowledge can be applied to your life.

#2 – Passion

What is their passion?  Help them find it.  Develop their extreme interests as well as your own.

#3 Bless the Hearts of Others

This weekend I spoke to my Dad for the first time in a long time.

Although it’s been over a month since we spoke, we always pick up right where we left off.

And I never get off the phone without my Dad blessing my heart.

As soon as he picked up, the sound of his voice brought a smile to my face, but what he said next brought me to tears.

“Hi Sweetie, it’s nice to hear from you.  Even though we don’t talk all the time, I want you to know I think of you every day.  When I say my prayers at night, you’re always one of the first people that comes to mind because I thank God for the people who make me so happy to be alive.  It’s so nice to know you’re in the world, out there, doing your thing.  Even if I don’t know all the details, I thank God for whatever you’re doing in the world every day.”

Who knew something as simple as a prayer could mean so much?

It reminded me of the simple yet profound power of prayer.

Like father, like daughter, I began praying for all the meaningful people in my life too as I went to sleep that night.

Who do you pray for or who has means the most in your life?

#4 – Acknowledge Your Feelings

Loving yourself gives you the strength to love others.

Take 5 seconds.  See how you feel.

Take another 5 seconds.  Invite the feeling to sit with you for a moment.

Take another 5 seconds.  Give the feeling love and attention.

Take another 5 seconds.  Let the feeling go.

You are not your feelings and your feelings are not you.  Knowledge them and honor them with the insight to avoid creating a self-imposed prison of them.

It’s usually during this process I get a flutter of inspiration to initiate action that is true and genuine. When I get them, I act quick.  It moves my relationships, heart, spirit and life forward.

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6 Empowering Gifts When You’re Discouraged


We are so hard on ourselves.

And with good reason.

Keeping a roof over your head and keeping it orderly and maintained. Laundry. Performing a full time job, and if you don’t have one, looking for a full time job. Exercise. Managing health issues. Drinking 8 glasses of water. Paying bills. Managing relationships. Finding true love and when you find it, holding on to it. Dealing with the past and making sense of our life. Discovering your purpose. Making your family proud. Consuming a nutritious diet and being able to afford to do so. Getting a good nights sleep. Staying up to date on current affairs. Setting yourself up for a certain future, when the only thing certain about the future, is how uncertain it is.

Life is difficult. Life is hard. There is so much that is required of us.

Not to mention loss…

Life seems to take turns breaking out heart.

We lose our grandparents, friends, more family, animals, our youth, our innocence, memories and more.

Shadows of their presence remain imprinted on our hearts.

Then on the flip side, the truth is we were never born to be perfect. So why do we constantly struggle for the silver lining illusion of excellence?

Or do we resolve to being content with mediocrity?


Here are 6 Empowering Gifts When You’re Discouraged:

We may never be able to cross off all the boxes on our ‘To-Do’ List, but we have the ability to love and respect where we are.

Gift #1 – Take a day.

Take a break just to stop and appreciate all you manage, all you do and how far you’ve come.

Life is difficult. Life isn’t easy. It’s designed to be a struggle and it will never let up.

Life requires strength and perseverance. And to have made it this far means you have both.

Take life a day at a time.

Gift #2 – Love

You are not meant to exist, you are meant to live. When you learn to love yourself and most important- like yourself, you will find yourself thriving.

No one can change the relationship with yourself, except you.

Recognize how awesome you are. Life is no small feat and you are smack dab in the middle of it. Do what you can to enjoy the journey of life. This begins with love.

Love is organic.  It is alive and a constantly developing and growing organism.

Love is a free gift you can gift yourself. No strings attached, just pure, honest acceptance to accompany you on your way.

Gift #3 – Cry

It’s okay. Tears are not weak. In fact, they are a strength.

It’s through the tears we grow stronger and develop new capacity for compassion.

Emotions are power.  When things are rough and it’s tough to keep your chin up, feeling sadness is is still better than feeling nothing.  We are not here to exist, we are here to live.  Sometimes that involves some sadness.  This is okay.  There is no shame in it.

Gift #4 – Handwriting is Therapy

Take your time, write beautifully instead of hastily. You’ll find yourself engaged in somewhat of a moving meditation.

Not sure what to write?

Try the 7 Steps to Recovering from Rock Bottom.

Gift #5 – List 30 Dreams and Goals

There are 2 rules with this gift – 1) Money is not a factor; 2) Time is not a factor.

Come up with 30 dreams and goals as if you are not limited my money or time.

I’m not going to lie, it’s tough to come up with 30.  It’s not a race and you can take your time.

What are 30 things you’d like to do, see or experience in this lifetime?

Once you have your 30 items listed, take your time thinking about each and every one.

Pay attention to your emotional responses.

The items you have the largest reaction to are the ones you want to prioritize.

Put a little star next to them.

Gift #6 – Expect Greatness From Life

Life is short.

When you are sitting in traffic and it feels like forever to reach your destination, it’s an illusion.

That being said, I refuse to give up on life until I have experienced 3 things.

Some I have experienced, others are still on the horizon.

  1. Reach my full potential.
  2. Love myself, my life and my family to the greatest ability I possess.
  3. Write meaningful projects that inspire others.

Regarding my full potential, the only way to reach that is through education.  I must participate in a constant pursuit of growth.

Once upon a time, I was very content for mediocrity.  I sat each day, happy with a little job, little relationship and little life.  Life had different plans for me.

The truth is, I had given up a dream on greatness.

Oprah once said, “If you don’t hear life’s whisper, you get the 2 x 4.”

So wise, because that is exactly what happened to me.

The rug was pulled out from under me and I was forced to reaffirm that I wasn’t born for a wasted life. It it through my growth I will attain these 3 expectations of life.

Have you had the rug pulled out from under you as well?  What has your experience been?  Do you now possess any new-found wisdom?





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6 Ways God Acknowledges Love For You Every Day

Sacramento Life Coach

Even when there seems to be no proof of Spirit, undeniable ways still exist in our lives every day. Many times they go along in our day unnoticed and unappreciated. Sometimes we are honored in things we take for granted.

1) In the Sunrise

2) Granting us the Ability to Have Independent Thoughts.

3) Choice to Be and Do What We Wish.

4) Free Will

5) Hope

6) Animals


There are several dogs in my life who bring happiness to everyone they meet. I spent time with each of them individually this weekend to thank them for their loving spirit.

I am blessed to know them.

What animals are you blessed to know? Take the time to thank them this week. Their light in the world makes our existence a better experience.

If an animal in your life brings you joy, thank them.

Any other ways God acknowledges love for your everyday that you can think of?





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