7 Ways to Enjoy Paris For Under $20 a Day

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Did you know it’s possible to make it in Paris for less than $20 a day?

While on Pilgrimage, I’d been informed the average cost per day, just to survive, was approximately 100 Euros a day (at the time, $140 U.S.). Unless I’m living life high on the hog (which isn’t really my style to tell you the truth)-  this sounded ridiculous. It can be a little anxious to plan for seven weeks off of work while blowing 100 Euros a day on bare basics… particularly when pilgrimages are designed to be done on the cheap.

While I spent that week in Paris, I managed to spend less that $20 per day.  I’ll tell you how below.


7 Ways to Travel Paris for Under $20 Per Day:

#1 –  Rather than go out to eat, shop at the small markets.

The food, wine, cheese and produce are fresh and delicious and a fraction of the cost.

#2 – Check out places that don’t have admission fees.

Cathedrals, parks and monuments are all over the city. You can spend entire days exploring and still won’t be able to finish them all.

#3 – Walking instead of taking the Metro.

Walking is cheaper than the Metro, however, purchasing tickets in packs of ten called “Carnet” gives you a big discount and makes each destination around 1.5 euros ($2 U.S.).

#4 – Tap water is safe to drink.

Grab a fresh lemon, strawberry or cucumber from the local market, fill your bottle and stay hydrated.

#5 – Get a Pilgrim Passport

If you are here on Pilgrimage, note that the Cathedral of Notre Dame does not have passports for pilgrims. (When we asked for passports, they looked at us like we had a disease and asked if we wanted to see the priest). However, Compestelle 2000 does (and within a ten minute walking distance from that awesome Cathedral so you can tackle both while you’re in that part of town). This being said, you can secure inexpensive lodging and meals- even discounts on museum entries.

#6 – Don’t get pick pocketed.

Although there is very little violence (pre-terrorism), theft is rampant. Folks tried to con me four times today alone.  Don’t be afraid of them- no one is going to hurt you.  Just don’t flash your wallet for donations, turn your back to people or get so distracted you aren’t aware of your valuables.

#7 – Don’t buy nonsensical dustables.  

These are items that serve no purpose.  Easy for me, because anything I buy I must carry 500 miles while I walk the Camino.  I still wanted to mention it because souvenirs are an amplified cost we rarely take into account.

Its my hope those items gave you something fun to think about.  Au revoir!





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