How to Connect with Others, Improve Your Relationships, and Make a Good First Impression (4 Videos)

When I left for Europe, I promised to have something very special when I returned.

My gift was doing Life Coaching videos for 30 days.

I took questions and answered them. Here are a few from that series:


5 Ways to “Spread the Love”

Question for you: What do you do to show people love?

I love you with these videos. Thank you for liking, sharing and loving me back! 💛💛💛


Siblings are the greatest key to your past and can be your best friends.

Today, them know how much you care about them.


How do you connect with others?

We are not here to live lives of solitude, we are here to connect.

Question for you: When was the last time you made a new friend or acquaintance?


How Do You Make a Good First Impression?

Introducing Your Best Self…Always

Question for you: What are 3 things most people wouldn’t know about you?





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