5 Secrets to Happiness, Improve Your Relationships, Fix Your Writers Voice and More (5 Podcasts)

Welcome to The Podcast Collection!

Sometimes you like to listen rather than read or watch.  Especially while driving.  This series of Podcasts … or JessCasts … are for you.

Click below for the latest JessCast. Plus, you can listen to them over and over.




JessCast #1 – 5 Secrets to Happiness

Welcome today’s Podcast!



JessCast #2 – Improve Your Relationships with Touch Base Tuesday

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Jess-Cast #3 – I Didn’t Want to Live Anymore

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Jess-Cast #4 – Life Off the Beaten Path

Life Off the Beaten Path: 2014 Podcast 001

While you are out there, dominating your adventures off the beaten path, you may want to take the time to write your own book.  Your writer’s voice is important.  It is the means by which you will communicate with your audience.

Listen below and I’ll share how I developed my writer’s voice for Befriending Death and Finding Yourself in a Suitcase.


JessCast #5 – How to Fix a Cuckoo Writer’s Voice

How to Fix a Cuckoo Writer’s Voice 2014 Podcast 002






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