3 Steps to Release Your Inner Beast



When I worked at Juvenile Hall, I encountered many angry youth.

At a moment I felt they might explode, I’d invite them to ‘Show me their Bear.’ I would enact what it looked like, raising the palms of my hands and bending my finders like claws. Then I would roar in a silly way. Every time, they would look at me, make a face, chuckle a little bit, and give in to the stress-relieving therapy.


There was a source to their frustration.

Greatness lingered beneath the surface of each and every one of them.  How infuriating, to know there is something precious inside and not be able to tap into it. They were frustrated, discouraged and more than anything – scared.  Between their behaviors, attitudes and decisions, they found it difficult, if not impossible, to tap into their greatness without help. Yet they were missing something even more vital. Courage.

In some ways, we are very much alike, those scared youth and myself.

It took a lot for me to go on my 400+ mile trek through Spain. It took more than my behavior. It took more than my attitude. It took more than the decision to go. In order to tap into my greatness and release the inner beast within me, it took courage.

Does untapped greatness linger beneath the surface of you too?

Without courage, I would still be here, telling you about the Camino de Santiago and how I hope to complete it before I die.  Yet I did complete it. Even with a hundreds reasons why I should not have gone, I went and did it anyway. This was due to courage.

If courage was a struggle for me, perhaps it is a struggle for you too.

Have the courage to fight for your dreams, your goals and your aspirations. I believe in you and want to help you get there. So you can be sitting across from me one day, telling me about everything you experienced while going for that dream.  Here are a few items to help you on your way:

Step #1 – Recognize your fear without fighting it or judging yourself.

Honor yourself through this process. We are all human.  It is our flaws and shortcomings that give our lives color and ultimately, meaningfulness. Look at your fear as objective as you can. Recognize it exists and work through it.

Love Yourself

Step #2 – Get support.

It sucks to experience accomplishments by yourself anyway. Surround yourself with friends who believe in what you’re doing. If someone is not supportive of your dream, hold back from sharing the details.  Your dream needs nurturing, protect it. Guard that dream and feed it bits of encouragement.

Mentor and Friendhike1


Step #3 – Go outside your comfort zone.

Eleanor Roosevelt had a great philosophy about this.  She knew each of us were meant for greatness. She said, “Every day do one thing that scares you.”  Ready to hone in on her advice?


What is one thing you can do today that puts you outside of your comfort zone and gets you closer to your goal?

Don’t wait.

Go for it.

Go take care of that right now. Set your inner beast aflight.






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