Book Launch – Riding the Camino Dragon – The Prologue, 11 People I Thank in My Acknowledgements and 4 Places to Score Your Copy

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The Prologue

My loved ones have various expectations for my life. It is out of their love, they wish me to find greater stability, success and happiness. In turn, it is out of my love for them that I have striven to meet these expectations. I’ve tried to fit the molds they created for their own lives. Slipping and sliding, stumbling on impossible turf. Turf meant for a thousand others and just not me.

Grandchildren. No one deserves them nor would appreciate them more than my mother. If I could make this dream of hers a reality – I would. When I’ve tried to control this fate, it’s resulted in the graveyard of failed relationships that decorate my past.

Accomplishment. Nothing would give me more pleasure than to be the big sister my brother can look up to. Revolving around the realm of success, my brother has out-shown me in every aspect of a traditional successful life. When I’ve tried to become more disciplined, buckled-down, nose to the grindstone, focused on savings, stocks and real estate, a gray fog closes in. It covers my life and I sink into a depression I’ll scarcely come out of. Also, during these times I find myself drinking too much in order to tolerate a life of monotony.

When I listen to my heart, she is most outspoken when everything is quiet. I’m walking in nature or watching the stars. Doing a sun salutation to begin my morning or dancing under shady trees. I pretend my life is supposed to be the same as everyone else’s. That it is going to be the same as everyone else’s.

But I find that just isn’t my journey.

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Acknowledgments from Riding the Camino Dragonwhich was released on Saturday, August 8, 2015:


When it comes to thanking the people who helped me ride the dragon, it is in these moments I am humbled. This entire experience would not have been possible were it not for the strength and support of many family, friends and loved ones. People believed in me, even when I could not believe in myself.

Mom and Daddy Kim. The moment I mentioned this crazy idea, you both jumped up with support. You wanted to know every detail and celebrated every triumph. Anytime I had a doubt, you encouraged me and nudged me forward. As always, you saw greatness in me I could not yet recognize.

Mom and DK

Steve Moulds. You are among the most respected of all men on earth in my eyes. Sharing your adventure of completing the Camino opened my mind. I witnessed the sincerity in your eyes and it was in that moment I received confirmation I was on the right track and I was meant to have this experience. Thank you for your guidance.

Ryan and Shannon. Thank you for always being the greatest source of excitement when I return home from anywhere. It wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t get to come home to your warm hugs and enthusiasm for my new tales. You listen with the patience of saints and my life is the most rich with you such a significant part of it.

Dad and Debby. “I hope you find whatever is looking for you.” And, “No one does things like this. You know why? Because everyone else is chicken shits.” These words kept a smile on my lips and filled me with purpose as I walked into the unknown. Thank you for believing in me and understanding my life is often one off the beaten path.

Dad and Debby

Kimberly Fisher. Such a gem. Thank you for going over my work again and again. Helping me craft my art with an eye like no one else I know. I enjoy having you in my life and with each written work, I feel we grow closer. This is a closeness I find priceless and look forward to creating art together for years to come.


Chazelle Owens. Thank you for being so brave to undergo this adventure with me. We had the Camino we were meant to have. It opened doors for us that did not exist before and helped us grow as people. You’ll always have a monument of adoration in my heart, dedicated to you.


Pilgrims. Thank you for bringing such richness to my experience. There are far too many of you to thank. Some of us spent a great deal of time together and some very little. Either way, please know the memories of you still visit me every single day. Love amongst pilgrims is true love.

Julie Wojdac. I’ll miss you always. Always supportive of unusual experiences and being surrounded by nature, I hope I brought honor to your memory by completing this incredibly hard trek. Thank you for coming to visit me while I was struggling. Without your memory fresh in my mind, I may not have been strong enough to complete what I had set out to do. Thank you for blessing my life with your friendship. It will continue to enhance my experience on earth until the end of time.


Kari Peterson. Thank you for showing me the importance of laughter in the midst of tricky situations. When things were most difficult, I heard your laugh from beyond the grave and felt you were nearby, cheering me on. Without the memory of your courage, I’d never have seized the moment and gone on the greatest adventure of my life. Your spontaneity and commitment to living each day to the fullest kept me focused on the prize, even when it came at a high price. I’ll carry that courage with me and will bring your spirit with me on all adventures life brings my way.

2007 178


4 Places to Score

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