5 Simple Steps Toward Creating a Magical Life

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A couple weeks back, we began exploring tips to help you create a magical life outside of work.  The purpose of this series is to create a stress-free, debt-free lifestyle, full of meaning and purpose, family, friends and fun.

During the first week, I did a Webinar, called 7 Principles to Create a Magical Life Outside of Work.

Last week, I broke down the first principle, sharing 12 Pieces of Advice to Think Bigger.

This week, I wanted to take a closer look at the second principle which was: Take 3 Small Steps Every Day Toward Creating a Magical Life.  As taking your own 3 Steps is pretty self-explanatory,  today we are going to explore 5 Simple Steps Toward Creating a Magical Life.

I agree, that is a whole lot of steps.

Since it’s the only way to get from where you are to where you want to be, that is what and why I wanted to focus on steps today.

How does one get started taking steps toward creating a magical life?

Simple Step #1 – Take Responsibility

Everything that is going on with you right now, it’s up to you to change the outcome.  Sure, life happens and obstacles and challenges will come up.  How you choose to react to those obstacles and challenges defines your character and sets your life in a particular direction.

Last week, I met a friend for lunch.

I parked downtown and was walking toward our agreed-upon lunch location.

A woman was walking slowly in front of me and I tend to have a rather quick pace.  I came up along side her and smiled at her as I intended to pass her, politely acknowledging her.  She returned my smile and asked me how my day was going.

Immediately, I slowed down and adapted to her pace.  We began having a beautiful conversation.

She was on her lunch break from a veterinary clinic.  I asked her, “What is your favorite thing about your job?”

She thought for a moment and told me something so beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes.

Patients who come in with their pets at the end of life and have to say goodbye are the hardest of days.  Their hearts are broken.  They lost a member of their family.  How can it ever get better?

“The best part of my job,” she continued, “Is when those same people became brave enough to open their heart up again to love another pet.  They bring in their new puppy, their new rescue, the new member of the family.  To see these people take responsibility and choose to love again – even though the heartbreak and pain is possible – that is my favorite part of my job.”

Life happens.  It’s not always easy.  How will you choose – regardless of your circumstances – to respond to life?

How can you take responsibility and be an active participant to make things better?

Simple Step #2 – Set Your Intention

Do you know what the most powerful thing on earth is?


Not just any willpower – but your willpower.

Think of a time you have taken a stand for something you believed in.  Perhaps you wanted to sell more Girl Scout cookies than anyone else in your Girl Scout troop. Or maybe fought for a relationship to work because you felt so strongly.  Maybe you stayed up all night working on a birthday present for your Mother because you wanted her to know how incredible she was and the only person who could do it right – was you.

Consider how many times you’ve listened to the opinions of others.  You listen to what they have to say.  Ultimately, however – you think for yourself.  As an independent thinker, you’re going to do whatever you are going to do anyway.  It doesn’t really matter what anybody says.

This is the power of intention.

If you set your mind to something – no one can steer you away unless you agree to be steered away.

What is your intention?

Simple Step #3 – Take Action

Here is where ‘Taking 3 steps’ comes into play.

What are your 3 Priorities today, that will move you in the direction you seek?

If you are looking to write a book, for example, what are 3 things you can do to move in that direction?

Maybe answer a few questions:  Do you want to write a fiction or a nonfiction book?  What will your book be about?

Then set your timer for 10 minutes with a blank word doc or a notebook.  Eliminate distractions and just give yourself that 10 minutes.

What 3 steps can you make today that will move you in the direction you want to go?

As a bonus – Before you go to sleep tonight, list what 3 steps you can take tomorrow?

Simple Step #4 – Get Support

Surround yourself with people who are ‘On Your Team.’

How do you know if someone is on your team?

Are they supportive?  Loving?  Gracious?  Do they give you good feedback in a helpful way?

Ultimately, these are the people who want you to be successful.

If you would like some support, join the Super-Fun RockStar Lifestyle Group.  That’s why this community exists. It’s fun and the group is only filled with the most delightful of souls.

Who do you have in your life who gives you support?

Simple Step #5 – Invite Magic Into Your Life

I don’t know about you, but if I’m not invited to an acquaintances event, I’m not just going to ‘show up.’

I am not interested in being a wedding or funeral crasher.  Not because I’m shy or don’t like people… Typically, it’s because I am too busy for that.  If there is something of interest a friend would like me to share – a Birthday, a wedding, a baby shower, a Bachelorette Party (yeehaw!) – they better tell me because I’m definitely not just going to be the rude A-hole who drops in just because I felt like it.

Magic works the same exact way.  If you don’t believe miracles are possible in your life, they will never happen.  If your mind is open to incredible life experiences, you will be led in the direction you seek.

Invite your life to be stress-free.  Invite your life to be debt-free.

Follow the bread crumbs.  It will show you the way.

You can say a prayer, write a letter or sing it in the shower.  Somehow, magic needs to know it’s welcome in your life.

When and how will you invite magic into you life?





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