9 Incredible Discoveries That Kill Stress Quick

“Namaste,” is a Sanskrit word meaning “all that is good in me, honors all that is good in you.”

Here is a short passage on the subject, derived from my stay in India.  Here, I have borrowed the excerpt from a memoir I finished this year, Finding Yourself in a Suitcase.

“We took off up river, toward the rope bridge.  Many villagers were taking their dip of the day in the Ganges River.  They were pleasant and peaceful. 

          A Saddhu in his orange robes walked toward us along the river.  Saddhu’s were considered dangerous as many were escaped criminals who posed at wise men to maintain their freedom.  They changed their story as well as their names.  We tensed as the thin, unkempt man approached us.  As we approached one another, he raised his head.  Kind eyes met ours.  He greeted us with his hands together in prayer position and bowed.

          “Namaste,” he said.

          “Namaste,” we returned.

          He passed us as peaceful as a holy man could hope to pass…”

The moral of the story…  The discovery to be made in killing stress quick, begins with honoring your greatest asset…  You.

If escaped criminals in India can find peace – so can you.


9 Ways to Honor Yourself and Reduce Stress in Your Life

#1 – Basket of Happiness

Best Way to Relax

When I feel exhausted, tired and defeated, there is nothing like the comfort of a hot bath to ease my senses and put the world back in perspective for me.

As a gift last year, I provided to all my loved ones a “Basket of Happiness.”

Within this basket, held the ingredients to my bath.  Today, I will share this secret slice of heaven with you (they just happen to be heaven scents as well).

  • Spearmint-Scented Bath Sea Salt (Promotes purifying aromatherapy and muscle relaxation.)
  • Lavender Bath Oil (Improves mood and decreases tense feelings.)
  • Milk Bath (Enhances silky, moisturized skin.)

Treat yourself to a heaven sent experience… and sleep easy with a smile that will stay with you all night long.

#2 – The 5 Minute Challenge

Here’s what the day looked like:

  • Alarm clock chimed – jumped out of bed – showered – got dressed.
  • Hustled to the car – started and warmed – fueled the car – commuted to work.
  • Worked nonstop until lunch – ate  and returned a call or two – went back to work.
  • Finished work – clocked out – made three stops – ran errands – made plans – went home – executed the plans…

As I got home, settling down for a ‘quick’ meditation- tired, rushed, exhausted- it dawned on me.

Although I’m living my life, I’m missing my life.

I needed to stop, smell the roses…take a moment to appreciate the creation around me.

Stopping to solve the puzzle, I sat down, quiet and uninterrupted.  And as always, I got my answer:

The 5 Minute Challenge

The 5 Minute Challenge is a game designed to improve your quality of life.  It gives you space and I invite you to play too.

After every major task, take  5 minutes to appreciate what is around you.

Be silent, or perhaps listen to a song with your eyes closed, take deep breaths or stretch.

The goal is to create space between the tasks you complete, and to enjoy what you’re living…rather than missing the good stuff.

Here is what my day looked like the day I implemented The 5 Minute Challenge:

  • When the alarm clock chimes – jump out of bed – shower – get dressed … Take 5 minutes.
  • Hustle to the car – start and warm – fuel the car – commute to work … Take 5 minutes.
  • Work until lunch – eat … Take 5 minutes.
  • Return a call … Take 5 minutes.
  • Finish work … Take 5 minutes.
  • Commute home … Take 5 minutes.
  • As I read, meditate, write … Take 5 minutes.
  • Just before bed … Take 5 minutes.

5 minutes isn’t much to ask. That being said, like most, I have an addiction to rushing.  This effort was designed to curtail that impulse and enjoy life more.

Even though it has been difficult to take the time, I urged myself to take the challenge and follow it.

The results in one day were better than I could have predicted. 

Here is a list of my personal results, which occurred even after Day 1 of implementation.

  1. Spent time with some people I didn’t expect, who I care about very much.
  2. Received a bonus from work.
  3. Was inspired for a new book.
  4. Slept better than I have in weeks.

Who knows what the future can hold if I continue to honor my path by utilizing this practice.

The end result was that the built-up stress melted away.  I loved my life, even more than I already did.

If your end result is loving your life more than you already do, isn’t that worth taking The Five Minute Challenge?

As a bonus, if you are among those who are looking for your path, your joy, your happiness…it can shed some light or maybe there are things you don’t like or don’t want to be doing.  You’ll know that too.

Taking 5 minutes will help guide us and reassure us we are on our path, and can bless us by honoring it too.

#3 – Walk in Nature

Even fifteen minutes surrounded by the automatic genius of nature inspires our minds and hearts. We are nature too. We belong to nature and nature belongs to us. By walking in nature, we commune with it. If given the opportunity, nature will teach us secrets of life.

#4 – Organize Cluttered Areas Of You Life

We are visual creatures. To witness disarray produces similar feelings within us. If our belongings are scattered about, lacking a sense of order, there is a natural tendency to pull away from ourselves. This, of course, leads to pulling away from others. When your surroundings are orderly, clean and confident, we automatically feel more invited to participate and create in our own life.

#5 – Belly Breathe

Breathing creates space between moments. It prevents us from living life too quick and at the same time gives us the opportunity to slow down. By belly breathing, you can focus on the action and empty the mind of stress and busy thoughts. If gives you a moment to enjoy the sense of being alive.

#6 – Dance

Movement and flow are very connective energies. While dancing to music, you connect to the sounds and create a shared experience through expression. Dance is emotional, sensual and enlightening. It can even provide healing. Open your heart and the obstacles you are facing as well as the strength to identify the solutions, will be found.

#7 – The 5 Minute Detox That Will Leave You Feeling Like $1,000,000 Bucks

I was 12 years old on a mission trip in Mexico.

For a week we slept on concrete floors, serving in an impoverished Ensenada village.

One night we were asked to volunteer to wash the feet of the members of the congregation.

Filling my bucket, I chose an elderly woman in the front row. I wanted to honor her for her 90 years of life.

I got on my knees and removed her shoes. I took my time, carefully washing each of ehr feet and drying them on a small towel.

As the ceremony was completed, I stood, bowed to her and turned to leave.

The woman grasped my hand and led me to the pew beside her.

I was brought to tears as she got down on her knees and washed my feet in return.

Although I didn’t know about the detox I’m about to share with you at the time, you can honor another person by sharing it with another.

Celebrate You

Instructions for the 5 Minute $1,000,000 Detox:

  1. Fill a basin, bin or bathtub with warm water.
  2. Add a few spoonfuls of Epsom salt and allow the salt to dissolve.
  3. Place your feet into the water.
  4. Soak them for 5 minutes, rubbing occasionally.
  5. Towel off your feet.
  6. Apply lotion to prevent dryness.

Feet can become overwhelmed with soreness, weight and exertion.

Did you know there are over 72,000 nerve endings in your feet?

If you take a moment to honor them, you might find yourself completely renewed.

As I completed my own variation, I felt like $1,000,000 bucks.

This quick little detox will relieve pain, stiffness, and stress while pulling toxins from your body while detoxifying.

#8 – The Wet Noodle

My mind would not settle down.  Not morning, noon or night.  Several times during the night I was waking up, mind and heart racing.

I shared this dilemma with my Mom, who gave me some great advice so powerful, I had to share it.

“When you lay down,” she said.  “Just pretend you are a wet noodle.  Settle into the bed and totally let go.”

Once we were off the phone and I was getting ready for bed, I took her advice.

That night and every night since, I have slept soundly.

I wish you sweet calm rest as well.

#9 – Go on a Pilgrimage

Have recent times given you a long, hard look at rock bottom?

Today, I’m tossing you a life preserver.

When I was at the end of my rope, going through the most difficult times of my life, I retreated to Yosemite National Park for a pilgrimage weekend.

When I resurfaced, I held in my hands the tools I needed to be stronger, smarter and more focused than ever before.

One day at a time, I put one foot in front of the other and made it out of the ditch life had tossed me in.

It was time for me to take responsibility and rebuild something better.

I didn’t stop there.  Ultimately, I completed a 440 mile pilgrimage across Spain and wrote a book about it.

 Namaste and happy soaking…

I wish for your day to be filled with belonging, inspiration, connection and love.





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