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8 Questions Answered About Trekking the Camino de Santiago

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When you are taking on a new adventure, it’s important to answer a few questions.  Here were a number of questions that came up before Chazelle and I walked the Camino de Santiago.


Question #1: “Are you traveling alone?”

Answer: “No.  My dear friend, Chazelle; an artist, librarian and children’s book illustrator, decided to make this journey with me. We have been friends for a number of years.” 


Question: “Why are you walking the Camino de Santiago?”

The Short Answer: The truth is, I’ve always believed in God. I believe in something greater than myself. This is my source, wherein find the ability to love many; the strength to overcome obstacles: and the challenge to always improve myself. I feel called to complete the Camino. I’ve put it off since 2007. It’s taken me seven more years to find my courage, let go, have faith and follow my heart.”

The Long Answer: Read Riding the Camino Dragon about the whole adventure.


Question: “How long will you be gone?”

Answer: “A total of seven weeks. We will be in Paris, France, for one week; catch a flight from Paris to Pamplona, Spain. We will begin our Camino in Pamplona. Once we walk to Santiago, Spain, we will make our way to Portugal until we fly out of Lisbon and land back in Sacramento on my brother’s birthday, August 16, 2014.”


Question: “How far is the trek?”

Answer: “We plan to walk a total of 440 miles, averaging 14 to 18 miles per day for 29 days. Yes, that’s longer than a half marathon, every day for over a month.”


Question: “Have you trained for this?”

Answer: “Yes. Although regardless of the physical training we have undergone, nothing will fully prepare us for the experience that awaits. Most advice say submits that you train on the trail.”


Question: “Do you have good shoes?”

Answer: “I have the greatest shoes on the planet. They are Lowa hiking shoes that I wore while climbing Half Dome twice and trekking all over India. One of the shoes went missing for two years and recently re-emerged. Perhaps it was meant to be.” (In future posts, I discovered these shoes did me no favors on the Camino).


Question: “How much luggage are you taking with you?”

The Short Answer: “This is a minimalist experience. We will carry day packs with two shirts, one pair of shorts, one pair of pants, etc. The goal is to keep the weight of your pack at 10% of your body weight. So my pack shouldn’t weigh more than 13 pounds when it’s all said and done. We plan to have our backpacks be small enough to be flight carry on’s.”

The Long Answer:

What do you choose to bring, when you live out of a backpack for seven weeks?

The Answer: Minimalism is the name of the game.

Since the overall goal is to have a pack that is 10% of your body weight and nothing more. After all, when you are walking five hundred miles, every pound counts. I’ve tried, therefore, to keep my pack at 13 pounds or less.

Here is a short list of the items I’ve included in the day-pack I’ll be rocking like a tortoise shell the next seven weeks:

  • Money belt, passport, tickets
  • Water bottle, hat, sunblock, sunglasses
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, soap, comb
  • Hiking shoes, flip flops
  • Socks, undergarments, towel
  • Sleep sack, travel pillow, melatonin strips, eye mask, ear plugs
  • Shorts, pants, pj’s, t-shirt, tank top, swim suit, dress, light jacket, poncho
  • Journal, pen, iPad, headphones, charger, mini camera
  • ibuprofen, deodorant, mole skin, first aid kit

All said and done, my pack weighed in at 16 pounds. Just don’t tell the experts; I won’t tell if you won’t.


Question: “Will you stay in touch while you are gone?”

Answer: “Part of the experience of walking the Camino de Santiago is getting away from normal life distractions and electronics. This being said, we will be traveling in a foreign country (3, actually) and want our families, friends and loved ones to know we are safe. Therefore, I’ll make an effort to post a blog (web access permitting, of course) once per week, on Travelogue Tuesday.”






5 Reasons to Bite Off More Than You Can Chew


I remember when I was *thinking* about creating a life off the beaten path. I procrastinated big time.

Thought about it. Talked myself out of it.

Thought about it. Talked myself out of it.

Have you ever looked at your bucket list and thought, “This is too crazy,” …?

Have you ever freaked out about being too far outside the box?

What is typically holding you back is the same thing I experienced time and time again.  FEAR.


Imagine if I would have given into the fear. I can promise you the following things would not have happened:

1. I would NOT have visited and explored half a dozen countries.

2. I would have been sitting here thinking WHAT IF.

3. I would NOT have brought hundreds of new friends into my world.

4. I would not have built dozens of fantastic relationships with awesome people.

5. I would NOT have ever quit wasting time and had all these awesome experiences.


What is YOUR #1 FEAR holding you back from creating the life you really want?






5 Steps to Creating a New Dream and the 100-Thing Challenge



I have a pig calendar with pot belly pigs dressed up in costumes.

One of my favorite inscriptions within the calendar is: “When life gives you lemons, take it with a shot of tequila.”

This is my favorite inscription when dreams turn to sand in my hands.

Have you experienced the same thing?

You make plans.  You invest your heart and soul; Your blood, sweat and tears.  Then life happens.  You find yourself in a puddle – drowning and disappointed.

Perhaps it was a failed relationship or ending career;  Your kids turn out a little sideways or you lose yourself pursuing someone else’s dream rather than your own. But, how?

5 Steps to Building a New Dream:

  1. Grieve the death of your original dream.
  2. Dry your tears.
  3. Pick yourself up.
  4. Dust yourself off.
  5. Create a new dream. 

Change is a challenging pill.  Especially, when you are changing everything.

Change is never easy.  It is inconvenient, a mess and can be downright painful.

Forced change is a sign you’ve outgrown your current environment.  It’s time to live bigger.  But, how?

What is the first thing you can do when trying to live bigger? 

7 Day Media Fast

Society has such a dependency on media, we often lose connection with ourselves.

Believe in you, believe in your purpose and in honoring your path.  Take a 7 day media fast.  Get in tune with your heart, your minds and your soul.  Tap into a deeper relationship with yourself and those around you.  Connect with nature, spirit and what you truly desire in life.

The best way to do this is to tune out the noise.

What is the second thing you can do when trying to live bigger? 

The 100- Thing Challenge

What is the 100-Thing Challenge?

If you haven’t heard of this, it starts today.

Ghandi changed history in more ways than achieving Indian Independence.  Ghandi was Martin Luther King, Jr.’s inspiration in the Civil Rights Movement.  Ghandi inspired nonviolent acts of rebellion.  He demonstrated the power of movement through peaceful action.

When Ghandi left his legacy, he also left beliefs and challenges.

His beliefs included simplicity, intention and minimalism.

At the time of his passing, Ghandi owned less than ten items.  It’s difficult to comprehend something like that in our society.  He had his glasses, food bowl, sandals and a watch.

He also left behind The 100-Thing Challenge.  The 100-Thing Challenge combines all three, with an emphasis on minimalism.

The 100 Thing Challenge, is performed by donating or auctioning off  ‘100 Things’ you own.

If you were pass on 100 items from your place of residence, what would they be?

Or better yet, what will they be?

Results from my ‘Living Bigger’ Activities

  1. During my media fast, I successfully purged over 1,000 items from my life.
  2. I donated 17 boxes of worthy items to charity.
  3. Time freedom allowed me to pour more energy into my relationships.  In order to honor our individual paths, sometimes those connections must be evaluated and sometimes, even out of love- they must be set free to find their bliss.
  4. I released relationships, sending each of them light and love.
  5. Financially, I executed a less expensive manner of living.  Between the choice to live paycheck to paycheck or not – true freedom lies in the “not.”  There are decisions you can make to harness your financial power.  For example, driving your car until it is beyond repair instead of bringing a new car payment into your budget.

In Conclusion…

What’s next for you?

Will you a new sense of balance?

Will you enjoy an adventure or two?

Will you true to your heart?