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What is Your Theme This Year?

Rock Bottom Solution - Date Your EntryPatterns are present in life as we approach 2017.  These patterns present themselves in weeks, seasons and even years.

Year before last, 2015, was a year of tremendous love during which time my husband and I wed.  2016 took a turn toward motherhood.  From a professional standpoint, it was also the year of the coach.

When you think of the past couple of years, both personally and professionally, what themes and patterns do you see?

Do you see anything changing for you this year?

Although last year was the Year of the Coach for me, professionally, this year will be different.  The amount of time and dedication required to support a large number of clients on an individual basis is no longer possible in conjunction with the dedication I feel to my daughter.  Nurturing her development is such a gift; I do not want to miss a single moment.

I’ll be delighted to return to individual coaching one day, however, with the exception of Smart Goals Society (the Group Program aimed to help you get the most out of this year), this year will be dedicated to writing.

There are, however, Themes Within Themes.

For example, within Smart Goals Society, there are themes within each month.  It’s Open Enrollment right now! Enroll today to participate in the coaching for January (and receive the Charmed in Business Audio Master Class as a Bonus).

The Smart Goals Society Themes for the first 6 months are listed below:

  • January – Imagine the Possibilities
  • February – Analyze the Possibilities
  • March – Stress and Debt Free Approach
  • April – Create Space
  • May – Circle of Trust
  • June – Demonstrating Mastery

Yet, with the exception of this one coaching program – for me, this will be the Year of the Writer.

Writing is such a gift.  When I have moments of solitude, writing awaits.  In the middle of the night with a sleepless newborn or in the middle of the day during a newborn’s nap, I’m grateful for the flexibility writing possesses?

What is the equivalent gift in your life?

Perhaps writing is a gift for you too.  In striving to reach your goals this year, writing is a lovely companion.  The documentation of reaching and achieving your dreams can result in something as profound as a book one day, or as humble and nostalgic as a fond recollection while re-reading old posts.

During the year of the writer, I’ll be sharing the goals I am facing and the progress of those journey’s.  Everything is better when it is shared, hence the reason I delight in sharing (even the setbacks) with you.

What is your theme for this year?

I recognize your theme is deeply personal.  In all ways, your privacy is respected and if you choose to send me a private message, those are always appreciated.

However, if you feel led to share your Theme in the comments below, I both commend you for your bravery and thank you for your participation.

Cheers to the finale of 2016, the embrace of 2017 and connecting with you – personally, publicly and privately.





Sabotaging My November Challenge

It is with love that I come to you today – humbled and apologetic.

At the beginning of the month I accepted a Laughter Journal Challenge, wherein I would post funny posts each day for 30 days.

As the tendency of many, I tend to take on too much – when the true desire of my heart is both simplicity and service.

Part of being ‘Smart’ when setting goals, is knowing when I need to shift gears.  I’m already in the midst of many challenges for the month of November.

  • Healing from giving natural, unmedicated childbirth, complete with the wide range of emotions the postpartum experience entails.
  • Learning to be a Mommy to my newborn daughter while staying connected to my husband and family.
  • Finishing my latest eBook, ‘Smart Goals: Planning a Year of Cool and Easy Success.’ I have recently completed the first draft which is a big accomplishment in itself.
  • Maintaining the Smart Goals Society and the life coaching clients therein.

I do love humor, however, I require quality of life too.  The lesson in this experience is to refocus my energy on my priorities and let go of things that no longer serve my long term goals.

As a result I will be letting go of the Laughter Journal Challenge.

However, I will do the following:

  • Prioritize my health so I can regain the level of fitness and ability I mastered before pregnancy, labor and delivery.
  • Love my daughter, husband and family with the undivided attention they deserve.
  • Support and encourage the members of the Smart Goals Society through our monthly phone sessions.

We have the power to choose what kind of life we lead.  Our responsibility is in seizing our ability to choose.  Remember this power as we work through the election transition; As we head into the holidays.

Acknowledge what is important to you.  Focus your energy on the priorities you hold dear.  Enjoy the quality of your life.





5 Fascinating Facts About the Winchester Mystery House

Adventure Coach


When I was a young girl, my Great-Grandmother came to stay with us.

My Great-Grandfather had passed away and we wanted to give her support while she went through the grieving process.  She stayed in a Motor Home beside our house, a 1987 Winnebago.

The Motor Home was a special place for my brother and me. We thought our Great-Grandmother had the coolest clubhouse in the world. She let us spend a lot of time in there and left to our own devices, allowing us to explore every nook and cranny.

Our favorite spot in the Motor Home was a a loft bed that we could pull down.

Neither of us could sit up straight but we had access to our favorite cupboard. The cupboard was stuffed with pamphlets of all kinds of places all over the United States. Some were National Parks and various points of interest. Our favorite, of course, were the creepy pamphlets.

One we would look at all the time was the Winchester Mystery House. It was said to be haunted. Although I’d never seen a ghost, I was intrigued by the spirit world.

I flashed back to reminiscing over mysterious places in the Motor Home while I visited the Winchester Mystery House as an adult. While on tour, some facts were confirmed while others learned were new points of interest. Here are the five top ranking favorites:


Fascinating Fact #1 

The Winchester Mystery House consists of 160 rooms.


Fascinating Fact #2 

You can have birthday parties hosted at the Winchester Mystery House (Maybe I’ll even have my 40th there.)


Fascinating Fact #3 

The old tower bell tolls 13 times at 1300 hours every Friday the 13th.


Fascinating Fact #4 

There are two ghosts seen regularly within the Winchester Mystery House. The first can be seen fixing the fireplace in the Main Ballroom (the Ballroom is considerably smaller than you might expect). The second can be seen wheel barrowing coal through the basement.


Fascinating Fact #5

Carpenters were working on the Winchester Mystery House for 24 hours per day for ever 38 years. (This is longer than I have been alive).


Have you ever fantasized about visiting a place as a child and your wish came true as an adult? Similar to the movie, Up, when young Carl Fredrickson grows up to experience ParadiseFalls in South America.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Sometimes, you make plans for life but life has plans for you.”






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