9 Keys to Meaningful Leadership

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What does leadership mean?

How does a leader start out?

Once started, how can you become a better leader?

The technical term for leadership is the activity of leading a group.  Everyone can lead.  The first step is to admit to you are worth following.

My personal view of leadership is a little different.  I believe leadership truly is the ability to inspire action.

Let’s Explore the Keys of Meaningful Leadership of leadership.


Vision is a thought or concept of future possibilities.

This is an important leadership aspect because you have to know where you are leading people and why.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a vision about humanity.  Such power came through that vision.  A concept about the future, where all humans, regardless of their race – could hold hands and live in peace.  We all know how that vision was realized in our lives as well as the lives of our children.

Bring power into a vision of your own.


Key # 1 – Establish a Clear Vision.


Key # 2 – Share Your Vision With Others.


Key # 3 – Provide Information, Knowledge and Methods to Make Your Vision Possible.

Remember that old game Telephone? Several people would sit in a circle and the first person would think of something to say and whisper it in ear of the person sitting next to them. The second person would whisper it in the ear of the third…third to the fourth and so on… until it got back to the person who started the game.

How often was the message the same?

Almost never.

Now let’s talk about you.  You are a Leader.  You have Vision.  What is the best way to get that message across?

There is one way to guarantee all members of your vision stay on the same page.

It’s through clear communication.  You have to make sure it isn’t like a game of Telephone and you can best do that by following the keys on communication below.


Key #4 – Body Language. If you are communicating an idea in person…body language is essential.  Good eye contact, try not to fiddle around on your phone and use a relaxed posture so people don’t feel like they are being bullied.


Key #5 – Listen.  When the other person feels heard, they are more likely to listen to your ideas.


Key #6 – Empathize.  Try to understand the other side.  If you know how your vision will benefit the other person, you can communicate how things can be better for everyone.


Key #7 – Simplicity. When it’s your turn to share your ideas, keep it simple.  Best case scenario – if complex  ideas are misunderstood it can create confusion. Worst case – anger and frustration.  Keeping it simple will help you avoid the less-ideal options.


Key #8 – Verify Comprehension. Don’t be afraid to ask if what you say makes sense.  Sometimes ideas need to marinate a little longer and sometimes this helps you identify dream-stealers to spend less time with.


Key #9 – Repeat. You know that annoying game, Repeater? It’s the game where everything one person says, the other person repeats it. indefinitely.  It’s arguably the most annoying game on the planet, but here we can use it to our advantage.  If you ask someone to repeat back the idea they heard, it’s excellent feedback to make sure your vision is getting across, exactly who you want it to.


In Conclusion…

Now you have a better understanding of leadership.

You have a better idea as to how to start out as a leader.

Once started, you know how to become a better leader.

You are worth following.

Cheer to inspiring action.





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