3 Valuable Ways to Volunteer Your Time

serving others


Have you been discouraged and felt things are just not going your way?

We’ve all been there.  There are times when you’ve been down, needed a helping hand or a pick-me-up.  The fastest way to get your mind off yourself is to put it on someone else.

Here are 3 ways to serve in your community, right where you are:

1. Volunteer for a 5k, 10k, half or full marathon.


These events don’t run themselves.  I spent two days volunteering for Sacramento’s 5k Resolution Run.  Having set out 261 cones and picked them up again (not to mention – those suckers are HEAVY), I got a better work out than those running the 5k.  Even more important, money was raised for a nonprofit that directly benefits our local community as well as our global community.


2. Lead a local Food Drive at your workplace.

food drive

This year my workplace hosted a Food Drive for River City Food Bank, the Food Bank that has served Sacramento for the longest period of time.  Friends and family also got involved and before we knew it, food was overflowing and we hardly had room for it all.


3. Take your heart to the streets.

homeless2          homeless

It doesn’t matter where you live.  People are hungry.  People are cold.  Even a small gesture makes a big difference to someone hard on their luck.  Making burritos or hot soup and delivering it to them gives people hope and courage.  It proves there is something worth fighting for in their lives and they their life, in fact, is worth fighting for.  If you saw they were worth the time and effort to give them a meal or a blanket to keep warm, perhaps they will see value in themselves as well.





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